Consulting for Oracle Usage

Consulting for Oracle Usage

Mavis Dx offer “independent consulting services” for Oracle1 Products usage.

Large and medium enterprises which use Oracle software or hardware eventually get into several challenges (along with the benefits delivered) with regard to

  • High availability (HA) designs
  • License requirements, policies and compliance
  • Linear increase in operating expenses
  • Support for high severity production incidents in Oracle systems

Typically, the architects will be focusing on the best possible solution (probably with lot of over-engineering) and miss the cost part of it ; while asset or finance managers with low grip on the technical solution, get influenced by the architects’ suggestions. End result will be a huge operating expense which will have a recurring negative effect in subsequent years.

Mavis Dx , with its hands-on experience in managing Oracle software and hardware for vital systems of premium global companies can assist to

  • Analyze and provide the right HA design
  • Analyse , publish the major pain points in the cost model and suggest the optimization steps
  • Analyse the deployments and advise on the license compliance gaps and steps forward
  • Advise the right method of escalations and provide suggestions for engaging right level of support.

Mavis Dx’s “Techno-Commercial-360” approach, vets the design and subsequent costs and assures you to reap the cost benefits earliest in the same year or latest by the next year onwards.

1. Mavis Dx has neither any direct association with Oracle Corporation (Orcle) and its affiliates nor does it disclose any information to Oracle for the services provided (as mentioned in this page). We do not have any partnership or affiliation with Oracle.

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