IT Operations

IT Operations

Whether it’s for large enterprises or mid-sized companies or startups , when it comes to IT Operations, the common target is to maintain near 100% availability for the systems it handles. High availability depends on lot of factors which includes, but not limited to deployment architecture, processes, resources , tools etc. While, the mix and complexity of these change from one organization to the other, improper and ad-hoc alignment of these elements would lead to extremely high operating cost which will badly hit the margins and it is extremely difficult to do the corrective actions on running operations. It’s similar to do an open-heart surgery.

If you are struggling to strike a balance between the availability demands of the customers and the costs/margins, here is your trusted advisor. Use the 20+ years of hands-on experience in mission critical operations for complex systems of large enterprises for your systems and expedite the way out from your woes.

  • Advisory on high availability deployment design
  • Align the processes, tools and people and apply the right mix
  • Optimize the cost through end to end overview, corrections and revamping the cost model

Reach out to your trusted advisor!

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