About Mavis Dx

Mavis Dx is a consulting initiative founded by Sethunath U N in 2019.

Sethunath is a senior technology leader with more than 23 years of experience in information technology. His experience spans across multiple business domains like pharmaceuticals, marine contracting, airline travel, transport, logistics and hospitality, across the world. His focus is in digital transformation with vast hands-on experience and specialization in designing and driving Data Centre/SaaS/Cloud/IT global operations, crisis management, DR& BCP, Public Cloud deployment/migration, planning & governance, Process Automation, RPA and Change Management. He is passionate about helping and guiding organizations in their Digital Transformation journey by enabling them to build basic digital capabilities, migrate to public cloud, dynamically respond to changing customer requirements and competition through relevant innovation. He is an expert in pre-sales and specialized in creating solutions for B2B, present the same and create win-win situation for enterprises.

Sethunath has directly managed several vital production deployments of mission critical systems for premium customers, including biggest airlines in the world and sustainably operated them 24 X 7 with near 100% availability.

He is passionate in public speaking on subjects such as

  • Public cloud, migration and governance
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • High availability architecture and TCO
  • Digital transformation
  • IT Cost Optimization
  • Oracle HA Architecture and License Management

Value Proposition

Enables our customers to

Smoothly traverse through the Digital Transformation path with minimum or no disruption and positively react to the dynamicity of customer behavior, market and data through right innovation

Resolve major pain points in IT Operations quickly by design/redesign and align the architecture ,processes and cost models

Quickly plan and deploy complex disaster recovery and business continuity implementations

Manage high severity/crises professionally and effectively with minimum disruption

Plan/migrate/deploy applications in public cloud which brings direct business benefits which includes better customer experience, reduced TCO and increased ROI

Optimise IT Operations costs and support the business to deliver its true value

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