M&A and Change Management Assistance

M&A and Change Management Assistance

Change management ; small, medium or large has far reaching consequences on the stability of the production systems, costs and margins. Whether the change is something like a Merger and Acquisition or a System Migration or a Critical Patch Update , it is essential to have the right level of overarching expertise

  • to analyse the available data
  • ensure its adequacy
  • validate the impact
  • weigh the cost and benefits

                                                                                                                                 to ensure

  • accuracy in implementing the change
  • operationally, least disruptive
  • reduced TCO

Mavis Dx’s DelivOps approach ensures that every aspect of delivery and operations are thoroughly analysed , published and presents the best optimized approach to get the desired results. Having vast hands-on experience in building, deploying and operating enterprise systems for very large customers and managed mission critical changes, Mavis Dx help customers to significantly reduce the change turnaround time .

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