Plain Vs Fancies – Changing Priorities of Airline Industry

Beginning of this year, there were great expectations for Airline Industry. An increase in passenger volume from 4.59 Billion (2019) to 4.72 Billion (2020) An increase in revenue from $838 Billion (2019) to $872 Billion (2020) An increase in net profit from $$25.9 Billion (2019) to $29.3 Billion (2020) Assuming a slight increase in economic […]

Going Digital: Preaching Vs Practice

While search through the offerings of any business globally, one could find that, DIGITAL is a common, magic jargon attached to anything and everything; irrespective of product or service. Rightfully, everyone is aware that, absence of digitalization of services or products will eliminate them from the market; sooner or later. While this sentiment is strong […]

Digital transformation of an ethical beauty to greedy aunt

Google, a highly ethical, beautiful and intelligent young lady twenty years ago, has been digitally transformed to a selfish and greedy aunt? That’s what WSJ’s investigative article says. Google always claimed that its search algorithms are objective and completely autonomous, and wont be susceptible by human biases or business considerations. But recent investigations and researches prove […]

The Discriminating Artificial Intelligence

The modern “built-in AI” systems started revolutionizing the life and business landscape altogether. The systems like Google’s BERT can think and act like how humans think, write and talk. BERT eventually integrated to Google’ search engine which is guessing and giving us suggestions of search ideas when we dig in there. But, do you know […]

The Lost World of Micro Services

I have seen the designs of new generation travel management platforms where even experienced architects build the complexity in the Micro Services design which makes it really difficult to manage things in live production. Slicing of services to numerous components without having the wisdom view at the “actual service” and then try to orchestrate them […]

Paradox of Scaling (NPC2019)

Is there a real success mantra in “Scaling” of products (or services from early stage)?What is the “Paradox” in scaling and what do the product companies need to do  about it? At NASSCOM Product Conclave 2019, Banglore (November 5, 2019), Prof Mohanbir Sawhney ( , the renowned management consultant, academic and author addressed these questions. […]

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